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Information presented on this site

The information on this site draws on major scientific reports by the IPCC, and some of the most important and widely-supported declarations and demands by civil society on climate justice, climate science and 1.5°C.  

Links to relevant websites and documents are available at the bottom of each Issue page.


Key websites, documents and declarations are also linked below:


About this site

This website was initiated by Matthew Stilwell, an Australian lawyer, activist and academic working on international climate change, energy and economic issues. In preparing this site, I have tried to excerpt and summarise some of the key ideas, documents and declarations on climate science and justice, to make them more widely available, and to connect people to the original sources. The merit of these ideas and sources belong to their authors – to the many scientists, activists and other individuals, social movements and organisations acting to counter the climate crisis, and build a more just and equitable world. Any defects are my own. 

Matthew Stilwell, September 2019

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